Applications due January 1, 2018

MSI is pleased to announce the 2018 MSI Scholars program, which will bring together an inaugural class of approximately 30 select academic researchers for a multi-day retreat. Eligible academics for the MSI Scholars program will be mid-career level researchers, specifically those scholars at or on the cusp of full professor, and within 10-14 years of receipt of their PhDs (for 2018 Scholars, this criterion implies those receiving their PhDs between 2004 – 2008 are eligible).

Please fill out all fields in this form including contact information, a PDF of your professional vita, as well as your 1-2 page summary of the translational implications of your past and future research for MSI’s research priorities, business practice, and industry trends.

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an email confirming receipt. Applications are due by January 1, 2018 and the Scholars Committee will announce selection decisions by March 1, 2018. For any questions or issues please contact

Working papers play a key role in the dissemination of knowledge developed by MSI-associated researchers. These working papers are intended to provide new perspectives on perennial and future marketing challenges and to offer directions for further action and research.

Before submitting a working paper, please review MSI's Working Paper Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.

Also, if you have questions about submitting to MSI, please contact

The pre-proposal title page should include the following:

  • Title: Title of Research
  • Researchers: Name, affiliation and contact information for all researchers

The pre-proposal main document should follow this format:

  • Abstract and Key Words: Max 500 word project description, and key words
  • Statement of Intended Contribution to Practice: A clear, concise statement of how the proposed research would provide a novel and interesting contribution to practice and what marketing managers might do differently as a result of the research findings.
  • Fit with MSI’s Research Priorities (if applicable): We especially encourage research pre-proposals that fit with MSI’s current Research Priorities (here) – we are also open to additional research topics that significantly advance marketing knowledge and practice.
  • Motivation and Research Question(s): A statement of the specific research question(s) that will be addressed, why they are important and interesting, and what the researchers expect to learn from answering these questions.
  • Brief Description of the Research Design and Methodology: Study design, data sources/collection procedures, experiments to be run (if applicable), modeling techniques to be used (if applicable), and any other relevant details.
  • Overall Funding and Support Needs: A brief description of the budget for the project including specific budget items and amounts (typically between $3,000 and $10,000).
  • Vita(e) of each of the researchers.

Pre-proposals should not exceed 1,200 words excluding vita(e) and title page.

Pre-proposals are encouraged to draw upon diverse theoretical perspectives and methodologies. Studies may be conceptual or empirical; and they may involve combinations of methodological approaches including literature reviews, comparative studies, observational and ethnographic studies, naturalistic, laboratory, or field experiments, econometric models, and so forth. Projects using multiple methodologies are especially welcomed. Researchers are encouraged to identify industry collaborators.

View MSI's 2016-2018 Research Priorities here!

Also, if you have questions about submitting to MSI, please contact