Ends on August 19, 2019

Submissions must be sent by August 19, 2019

Eligibility requirements:

  • Students should be candidates for the doctorate in marketing and related fields (e.g. psychology, economics, management, strategy, etc.). 
  • The dissertation work must be less than 50% completed at the time of submission. The thesis advisor/chair must submit a letter approving the submission and certifying that the dissertation was no more than 50% completed at the time of submission.  
  • Participation in other grant or award programs does not preclude consideration for this award.


Instructions for submission

  • For blind reviewing purposes, please remove any identifying information (name, school, etc.) from the proposal document and remove any metadata
  • Please enter a valid email address for your thesis advisor/chair so they are able to upload their letter properly. 
  • Proposals should include a brief statement of the problem area to be researched, relevant theory and hypotheses, the methodology and analyses to be employed, and a brief indicative bibliography. Comment also on the managerial relevance of the expected results.
  • All files should use the following naming conventions: 

                        Title Page: Lastname_AGCSubmissionTitle.pdf
                        Main Manuscript: AGCSubmissionTitle.pdf
*where (i) ‘AGCSubmissionTitle’ refers to the title of the dissertation you are submitting, with spaces (and any unusual symbols and/or periods) replaced with underscores and (ii) Lastname is your last (family) name.

  • Please give the names and email addresses of up to 5 potential reviewers for your dissertation proposal. Exclude anyone that you are currently working with and exclude any faculty from your University. We are unable to review proposals without suggested reviewers. 
  • Maximum submission length is 20 double-spaced pages, inclusive of all tables/exhibits and references. The first page should be a brief, self-contained summary of the proposal.